Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) response to the proposed ASTRO's framework for radiopharmaceutical therapy curriculum development for trainees.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Joint EANM, SNMMI, and IAEA Enabling Guide: How to Set up a Theranostics Center.
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Idiopathic SIADH: 4 years of diagnostic wandering.
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Lettre à l’éditeur (Périodiques scientifiques)
Pitfalls in recording BOLD signal responses to light in small hypothalamic nuclei using Ultra-High-Field 7 Tesla MRI.
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Utilisation des anticholinergiques centraux en 2022
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Effect of an 18-Month Meditation Training on Regional Brain Volume and Perfusion in Older Adults: The Age-Well Randomized Clinical Trial.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Mind blanking is a distinct mental state linked to a recurrent brain profile of globally positive connectivity during ongoing mentation
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Association of Self-reflection With Cognition and Brain Health in Cognitively Unimpaired Older Adults.
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Effects of a mindfulness-based versus a health self-management intervention on objective cognitive performance in older adults with subjective cognitive decline (SCD): a secondary analysis of the SCD-Well randomized controlled trial.
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Communication publiée dans un périodique (Colloques et congrès scientifiques)
Sleep microstructure and early Alzheimer's disease neuropathology
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
An EANM position paper on the application of artificial intelligence in nuclear medicine.
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qMRI-BIDS: an extension to the brain imaging data structure for quantitative magnetic resonance imaging data
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Interaction between APOE4 and lifestyle on neuroimaging biomarkers and cognition in cognitively unimpaired older adults
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Daytime rest: Association with 24-h rest-activity cycles, circadian timing and cognition in older adults.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Application of artificial intelligence in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging: a review of current status and future perspectives for clinical translation.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Facts and Fictions About [18F]FDG versus Other Tracers in Managing Patients with Brain Tumors: It Is Time to Rectify the Ongoing Misconceptions.
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Functional network antagonism and consciousness
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Pupil response speed as a marker of cognitive fatigue in early Multiple Sclerosis.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Timely coupling of sleep spindles and slow waves linked to early amyloid-β burden and predicts memory decline.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Distinction of lymphoma from sarcoidosis at FDG PET/CT - evaluation of radiomic-feature guided machine learning versus human reader performance.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Effective Control of Both Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy With Atezolizumab, A Case Report
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
La sclérose en plaques : une maladie neurologique dysimmunitaire inflammatoire.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Using, 68Ga-PSMA-11 PET/CT for therapy response assessment in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: an application of EAU/EANM recommendations in clinical practice.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Analyse comparative de la distribution cérébrale du [18F]FDG dans une population de patients souffrant de maladie d’Alzheimer présentant ou non des antécédents familiaux de démence.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
An externally validated fully automated deep learning algorithm to classify COVID-19 and other pneumonias on chest computed tomography.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Importance of the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system in sleep-wake regulation: Implications for aging and Alzheimer's disease.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
CT Reconstruction Kernels and the Effect of Pre- and Post-Processing on the Reproducibility of Handcrafted Radiomic Features.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
parodontite et autres maladies
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2022In ID: L'Information dentaire
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
MaasPenn Radiomics Reproducibility Score: A Novel Quantitative Measure for Evaluating the Reproducibility of CT-Based Handcrafted Radiomic Features.
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The Complex Interplay Between Trait Fatigue and Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis
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Shamo: A Tool for Electromagnetic Modeling, Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of the Head
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
PET-BIDS, an extension to the brain imaging data structure for positron emission tomography.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Shared vivid remembering: age-related differences in across-participants similarity of neural representations during encoding and retrieval.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Deconvolution of Tc-99m-Mercaptoacetyltriglycine Renograms with the Concomitant Use of a Sparse Legendre Polynomial Representation and the Moore-Penrose Pseudo-inverse.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Restoring statistical validity in group analyses of motion-corrupted MRI data
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2022In Human Brain Mapping
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Measuring Psychological Mechanisms in Meditation Practice: Using a Phenomenologically Grounded Classification System to Develop Theory-Based Composite Scores
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Anti-SOX1 antibody-associated acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Exercise against cocaine sensitization in mice: a [18F]fallypride micro-PET study.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Evaluating the effects of tDCS in stroke patients using functional outcomes: a systematic review
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Radiotheranostic Agents in Hematological Malignancies.
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2022In Frontiers in Immunology, 13, p. 911080
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Comparative study of AQP4‑NMOSD, MOGAD and seronegative NMOSD: a single‑center Belgian cohort
Dauby, Solène ; DIVE, Dominique ; LUTTERI, Laurence et al.
2022In Acta Neurologica Belgica
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
I remember it like it was yesterday: Age-related differences in the subjective experience of remembering
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Shared event memory in aging: Across-participants similarity of vividness judgements decreases with age
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Communication publiée dans un périodique (Colloques et congrès scientifiques)
2022-RA-967-ESGO Endometrial cancer: agreement between microsatellite instability in immunohistochemistry and molecular analysis ?
Gennigens, Christine ; DHEUR, Adriane ; Bours, Vincent et al.
2022In International Journal of Gynecological Cancer
Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
Feeling the ease: how the use of oral motor fluency changes in amnesia
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A review in radiomics: Making personalized medicine a reality via routine imaging.
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Article (Périodiques scientifiques)
The Impact of COVID-19 on Nuclear Medicine in Europe.
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Atezolizumab Treatment for Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy
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